Jenn Scanlan Mullen


MyIntent Bracelet Designer, Shaman, and Moderator

Jennifer Scanlan Mullen is a MyIntent Bracelet Designer, and Moderator of Spirit Talk classes. Jennifer stumbled upon the MyIntent brand on Facebook a few years ago. MyIntent bracelets are wearable daily reminders to help turn your aspirations into action, and manifest your inspirations. By wearing a word that describes the intent behind your goals, dreams, and desires, a MyIntent bracelet is a simple yet powerful tool to help keep your values in mind. To stay focused on your goals, and bring your desires to life. Immediately drawn to its creative means of empowering others and building connections, she knew this was the right passion project for her.

Initially, Jennifer started designing bracelets to give as gifts to friends and family. Her MyIntent journey has since evolved into a wellness collaboration with longtime friend Carol Schoeller, founder and owner of Revive & Thrive Wellness Center. Together, they created the What’s Your Word? Meditation class, which brings it all together.

Since then, Jennifer has collaborated with several wellness advocates to help inspire others on their health, healing, and transformation journeys. Today, she is on a mission to use her MyIntent project to foster connections within our community while helping others connect with their true selves. With a “spread love and light” approach to life, Jennifer empowers people of all ages to love themselves and others. According to her, learning how to love and take care of each other is what the world needs most today.

SPIRIT TALK moderated classes. Jennifer has been interested in spirituality since childhood. She enjoys reading about various spiritual topics, particularly angels. Her spiritual journey also led her to obtain certifications in Shamanic Lightworking. By 2018, Jennifer achieved level 3 in Shamanic Lightworking from Enchanted Realmz in New Milford. She has also participated in several workshops on spirituality.

Jennifer is a well-known figure in our community, and people trust her for her advice, guidance, comfort, and encouragement. Her passion for spirituality and her innate ability to connect with others led her to create Spirit Talk moderated classes. In this monthly class, Jennifer moderates discussions on spirituality in an informal and relaxed environment. Participants are welcome to listen, learn, and share their knowledge and personal experiences on the topic in a warm, inviting, and safe space.

Married with two children and one stepson, Jennifer lives in New Milford with her family and two dogs. She is also a licensed hairstylist. In her free time, she enjoys reading biographies, romance novels, and books on spirituality. Inspired by William Shakespeare’s quote, “To thine ownself be true,” Jennifer strives to empower your journey in self-love, self-acceptance, and authenticity.

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