SpiritFire Healing Work


SPIRITFIRE: A revolutionary integrative technique

Every cell of your body is vibrantly alive – pulsing with energy.
Feel what you have been unwilling to feel.
Release long held emotional blocks.
Insights into what is next in your life.
Physical ecstasy in the body.

  • 1 Hour Session – $200 / HR
  • Sachin request a one-on-one consultation prior to scheduling your session.
  • Prerequisites required in advance – (1) Psychotherapy Session or (1) Hypnotherapy Session


Developed at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health by Sachin Hazen, SpiritFire healing work is a powerful body-centered modality which combines conscious, relaxed breathing with intuitive bodywork and energy work. During an individual session, you will use a specific breathing technique (rebirthing breath) that maximizes oxygen intake and circulation, freeing the body’s innate intelligence. You will receive hands-on work while allowing your body to make sounds and move. This releases physical, emotional, and energetic blocks, freeing up the power of the life force (chi), and bringing the body to the vibrational level of being fully alive.

Clients may experience insights into their next step in life, release of muscular and/or emotional blocks held since childhood, and feelings of profound peace. Spontaneous yogic postures may also occur and are supported and extended by the therapist. Prerequisites in advance are: (1) Psychotherapy Session or (1) Hypnotherapy Session