Shamanic Healing Therapy Treatments


  • Shamanic Healing Treatments are $125.00/HR
  • Reach Kathleen directly by Voicemail: 203-994-2003
  • Available: Wednesdays & Fridays  5:30 pm – 8:30 pm | Saturdays 1:30 pm – 6:30 pm
  • You can request from any of the (4) therapy techniques listed above at the time of your treatment
  • Arrive a few minutes early so you can get relaxed and comfortable
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Explore the transformative realm of Shamanic Healing Therapy Treatments, encompassing four classic techniques listed below designed to diagnose and restore harmony to the spiritual body, ultimately leading to healing at the physical level. These ancient arts unfold profound insights into the therapeutic journey.

Divination: Delve into the art of “seeing, feeling, hearing, and speaking” to the Divine. Shamans adeptly utilize divination to access specific knowledge and guidance for their clients, whether exploring future potentials, uncovering past experiences, diagnosing “spiritual intrusions,” or identifying the root causes of illness. This essential information serves as a therapeutic guide during shamanic healing therapy treatments, paving the way for a return to well-being.

Soul Retrieval: Rooted in the belief shared across ancient spiritual systems and modern psychotherapeutic paradigms, soul retrieval addresses the fragmentation of the “self” resulting from traumatic experiences. Shamans perceive these lost soul parts as having wandered into spiritual dimensions due to intense pain, terror, or grief. Through shamanic healing journeys, these fragments are retrieved and reintegrated, empowering individuals with renewed vitality and personal strength.

Extraction: A form of energy healing, extraction involves removing inappropriate “intrusions” from the spiritual body, considered the root cause of physical disorders. Shamanic insight identifies these intrusions as symbolic representations of adopting others’ worldviews, belief systems, emotions, or patterns that clash with personal integrity. By eliminating these erroneous energies, individuals regain a sense of freedom, independence, and sovereignty.

Psychopomp: Meaning “conductor of the soul,” psychopomp encompasses practices guiding souls transitioning or seeking resolution in the afterlife. Shamans engage in these rituals to provide counsel, support, and relief to grieving individuals. Through Mediumship, spiritual teachings on the dying process, and ceremonies of honor and remembrance, the shamanic journey facilitates healing, allowing us to move forward with grace and understanding.

Practitioner: Kathleen Kennedy


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