MyIntent Wearables – What’s Your Word?


Discover your passion, illuminate your purpose, and achieve your goals with Jennifer Scanlan Mullen at Revive & Thrive Wellness Center in New Milford, CT. What’s Your Word? What lights YOU up? What is most dear to your heart? What goals are you working hard to accomplish?  And what do you need to remind yourself on a daily basis? Through a personalized guided meditation session led by certified facilitator Carol Schoeller, we’ll help you discover “your word” – a reflection of your deepest desires – and daily motivations for fulfillment. Join us for a transformative 45-minute experience. We can’t wait to welcome you!

  • When – Due to an emergency, the April 28 event has been cancelled, and will be rescheduled
  • Start time – 3:30 pm
  • $35.00
  • Includes 45 minute guided meditation and Wearable Intention Bracelet


The MyIntent project encourages people to share truth and inspiration with one another through wearable MyIntent bracelets. It is a project that acts as a catalyst for positive actions, and deeper – more meaningful conversation. Jennifer Scanlan Mullen and Revive & Thrive Wellness center of New Milford share similar ethos for intentionality and impact. We feel the world needs more of this, and are collaborating to engage our community and help support each other in our own journeys.

Jennifer Scanlan Mullen is a MyIntent Bracelet Designer. MyIntent bracelets serve as tangible daily reminders, empowering you to bridge the gap between aspirations and actions, and transform inspirations into reality. By encapsulating the essence of your goals, dreams, and desires in a single word or short phrase, a MyIntent bracelet become a potent tool for keeping your values at the forefront, maintaining focus on your objectives, and ultimately manifesting your deepest desires.

Initially, Jennifer started designing bracelets to give as gifts to friends and family. Her MyIntent journey has since evolved into a wellness collaboration with longtime friend Carol Schoeller, founder – and owner of the Revive & Thrive Wellness Center. Together, they created the What’s Your Word? Meditation sessions, which brings meditation, intention, and manifestation together.

Today, she is on a mission. Infusing the MyIntent project to foster connections within our community, while helping others connect with their true selves. With a “spread love and lightapproach to life, Jennifer empowers people of all ages to love themselves and others. According to her, learning how to love and take care of each other is what the world needs most today. Our MyIntent meditation and wearables are inclusive and beneficial for individuals of all ages, including kids as young as 13 years old, fostering growth, dreams, desires, and empowerment at just about any stage of life.