In Hypnotherapy we work to modify the subconscious thoughts and beliefs that determine behavior and which have limited the expression of one’s true nature.  Besides the classic motivations of weight loss and smoking cessation, we can work to change any subconscious beliefs that sabotage our lives.  We can improve self esteem and achieve long desired goals and aspirations.

  • 1 Hour Session – $100.00/HR
  • Sachin request a client/therapist consultation prior to scheduling a session


In an actual session the client and therapist discuss the changes that are desirable in a person’s belief system and behavior.  These are then formulated into suggestions and affirmations agreed upon by the client.  With the aid of the therapist (s)he becomes progressively more relaxed until the activity of the conscious mind is suspended and the subconscious becomes available for transformation.  By getting the conscious mind out of the way, the inner can be accessed.

The subconscious mind holds a great potential to uplift, heal, and inspire us.  Hypnosis can uncover repressed memories, experiences, and past lives.  The healing potential is limitlessHypnotherapy is not a mystery. It is a powerful tool for changing your life.  It can be applied to mental, behavioral, emotional and physical changes that you want. Utilizing hypnotherapy alongside psychotherapy facilitates a transformative process for your mind and body, empowering you to reach your highest potential. This integrated approach supports enhanced functioning and overall well-being.

Sachin request all new clients to schedule a complimentary consultation prior to scheduling your therapy session. Simply click the Schedule Consultation button above to connect with Sachin.